Al Hashar Pharmacy L.L.C is a pharmaceutical distribution company dedicated to patient oriented healthcare in Oman. Founded in 1972, we have over four decades of excellence in patient care.

At Al Hashar Pharmacy, we live by our core values; every facet of our organisation and work ethics reflect our focus on the three E's: Excellence, Effectiveness & Expertise. We achieve this through partnerships with world leaders in pharmaceuticals, laboratory diagnostics and allied products. Our dedicated team of professionally qualified pharmacists, regulatory personnel, medical & sales representatives, application specialists , sales and service engineers work in unison to bring quality healthcare to the doorstep of every clinic, pharmacy and hospital throughout Oman.

Pharmacy Outlets: Our Pharmacies spread at different locations throughout Muscat region and in Salalah provide customers with quality medicines coupled with excellent community pharmacist support and advice. Each branch boasts of a large number of satisfied customers who choose to regularly visit our branches for their personal and family medical needs.

Laboratory diagnostics and Hospital products: Our Hospital division offers a wide range of products and services including diagnostic solutions for clinical laboratories in the field of microbiology, clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology and food industry. Equipments, reagents from reputed international manufacturers installed by us at various laboratories throughout Oman assists the clinician in accurate and timely diagnosis of patient ailments.

Supply Chain: Our supply chain efficiency is maximised through warehouses located in the heart of city of Muscat at Al Khuwair and in the city of Sohar, besides sub-stores located in Salalah to cater to Dhofar Region. These are facilities complying with stringent regulations related to storage, temperature control and logistics operations as laid down by the Ministry of Health, Oman. Fleet of delivery vans effect timely supplies to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and various other health institutions.



At Al Hashar Pharmacy LLC we believe that satisfying customers is our No.1 objective.

It is our responsibility and our future. We strive to satisfy all Customers - our Principals, the Medical Profession, Pharmacists, Ministry of Health, other institutions and the Retail Customer.

At Al Hashar Pharmacy LLC, we dedicate ourselves to honesty and sincerity of purpose.

We believe and practice integrity in our dealings with our Customers.

At Al HasharPharmacy LLC

Every employee is a team member and works in tandem with his/ her colleagues to produce synergy at work and together we reach our goals.

At Al Hashar Pharmacy LLC, everyone contributes to the success of our business.

Each employee, each customer is a partner we respect and value for his/ her thoughts, actions and belief, and together we move towards ultimate progress of business and society.

At Al Hashar Pharmacy LLC, every employee strives to achieve objectives.

He/ she operates efficiently and effectively to improve continuously on previous performance.

Years of dedicated and sincere efforts have strengthened us, thus we have developed:

  • Strong ethical image.
  • Focused portfolio enabling brand and Market development
  • Well entrenched in private, MOH and Laboratory segment
  • Excellent and optimal distribution network
  • In depth coverage of Pharmacies and Clinics throughout Oman
  • Flat Organization structure enabling fast response and decision making

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